The exploitation of electromagnetic field data as a sensing tool paves the way to a number of interesting engineering applications: antenna testing and characterization, biomedical diagnostics, humanitarian demining, archeological prospection, through-the-wall imaging, nondestructive testing of transport infrastructures and buildings, and many others. This course, after reviewing fundamental equations and main difficulties of inverse problems, will focus on classical and recently introduced solution procedures and algorithms, discussing capabilities, limitations, and perspectives of both approximate and ‘exact’ reconstruction methods. Applicative examples, including exercises, laboratory activities and lessons regarding specific applications, will corroborate the developed concepts. The course is primarily conceived for Doctoral students and researchers with an engineering or physics background.

The course is co-organized with:

  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action EMERALD – ElectroMagnetic imaging for a novel genERation of medicAL Devices 

The flyer of the course can be downloaded here.